My son is almost at the age to get his own car. I picked up a couple of Pontiac Fiero’s. The silver one is a 1984 4 cyl 4 speed manual. The red one is a 1986 GT with 2.8V6 and automatic. . We’ve got the red on running pretty good. I forgot what fun a rear wheel drive car can be. Especially with a mid engine design.I still have the 1980 issue of “Performance Car” magazine when they told of the rebirth of the GTO for 1983. The Fiero is everything the GTO was supposed to be except the GTO was supposed to have its mid engine mounted fore and aft in the chassis. We are having a little trouble making a 10" sub woofer fit into the rear pocket of the center console. But it looks pretty good.

I have the Silver one stripped down. I wanted to do a V8 conversion on it then swap the clip into the red one. My son wants to do a Jalapeno body kit on it. I don’t know… I like the Jalapeno nose but that’s about all.

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