I got this jeep when I moved upstate. I wanted the 4WD for the heavy snows we get here. I guess that’s what they meant by “Snow Belt”. My first improvement was to replace the stock tires with ProTrac Mudders. Then the carb was acting funny so I designed this diagnostic interface to help trouble shoot the onboard computer. After three months It was better BUT I was happy so I made a custom adapter place and put on a Holley 500CFM 2BBL. That help a lot but the exhaust left plenty to be desired. I swapped in a high flow monolithic cat, a turbo muffler, and some side pipes. Much better. After a year I pulled the muffler. The side pipes have their own muffler cores. Runs really good now except the axles couldn’t take it. I blew a front U-Joint but only after I spun one of the rear axles after shearing its key. I quickly installed one piece forged rear axles. So what’s next ? I’ve collected most of the parts from a Chevy S10 4.3L TBI Injection setup. I plan to swap this in soon.

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