I got this car when I was starting to slow down. I did just the basic performance modifications. Carb, Intake, Headers, and shift kit. Nice set of wheels from R&S Strauss and I was pretty happy. I do remember my fathers car died in Brooklyn and he asked me to come tow him home to Queens. He had a Dodge Monaco. Happened to have 6 people in the car at the time. Since his engine was running ok and it just had no trans pressure I took him on the BQE. We were talking on the CB and as we came down the ramp He told we we could go a little faster SO….. I hit the gas and by the time we hit the end if the ramp we were up over 90. It was about 2 o’clock in the morning and we cruised home at this speed. It was a nice car but the sunroof got stuck open and I got mad and sold it.

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