The first real beast I built was this Buick Opel. I got it from my sister after she owned it a few years. During that time my friend Freddy and I worked on the little 1600cc 4 cyl. It had a 140 mph speed and we managed to hit that once or twice. I had it for a couple of months when I figure it had 80,000 miles and was going to need a clutch job so I bought a 68 Chevy Impala with a SBC and powerglide trans. I swapped the engine, trans, and front springs into the Opel. I had to make up a driveshaft that was about 18 inches long. I was pretty happy with it. I added a Victor single plane intake and Holley 850 Double pupmer carb. I was able to do about 90 in low then pin the speedo in high. I drove this car for another year until I twisted the body so bad that the drivers door would fall to the ground and the passenger door would jump up int the air when they were opened. Actually I could have lived with that but the windshield popped out on one corner.

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