Since I was playing with lawn mowers I made this beast from some old John Deere Parts. I wanted something different so I went with a 36V Golf Cart drive motor and a 48V battery pack. I designed and built a custom PWM speed controller that is capable of 450A continuous for short periods. I used some 70ís style rims with Goodyear Eagles on the back.

Here is the battery pack on the bench before it was installed. I temporarily wired them in parallel to charge them.

Here is the GE Motor mounted low in the center

Here it is away for the night

Then there is this. I dont know why It was a sears tractor. then we chopped it in half made it r/c and put a JD hood over it Looks like a turtle...

Or this. I dont what it will become. I swapped its 6hp Briggs for a 12hp Tecumseh. Needs something.....

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