My facination with trikes started with a Sinclair C5 that I got from my friend Harry. It needed a new battery pack. I put in two LARGE Genesis Hawkers. Its lack ow a speed control meant that you had to pedal up to speed before you could hit the throttle or else the belt would slip. I designed a small PWM speed controller based on a speed 400 R/C control.

I got this frame at the Raceway Park Swap Meet in Englishtown. I had enough parts around to build up a complete cart. It ran pretty good but my son kept going around corners on three wheels so I figured if your gonna drive on three wheels I'm only gonna put three wheels on it. I pulled the engine and rear axles and welded in a mount to hold a Honda Spree engine and driveline. Not too bad but the little two stroke just doesnít have the pulling power of the 4 stroke Briggs & Stratton. My son & I decided to rebuild it again. I got a 25HP Kohler V-twin and a Hydrostatic drive axle from a lawn mower. I havenít decided on wheels yet. My son wants to use the old tires from my jeep. I was thinking a little smallerÖ.

I had a few extra lawn mowers around and really didnít need any of them. I also had a front fork from a Suzuki 750 lying around. I got the fork from my friend Harry when his clutch went and a piece of it went up into the connecting rod and blew the engine. My son and I spent a few hours with a welder and came up with this. We took turns driving each other around the yard.

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