This is a local Ebay find. A Checy S10 V8 Conversion

it looked pretty good to start with.
I gave it new 215's in front and 235's out back

new upper radiator support gave the front a finished look

I added a remote starter solenoid to keep power wires above the motor
and a charger to keep the battery alive over the winter.

I added a few relays for the driving lights

it had patch panels on the surface of the rear fenders so I pulled them off and I flanged the cutouts and am welding in the patch panels flush.

I mounted the gauges aroung the dash and added some toggle switches for those light relays

the back seat is filled with goodies waiting to go in like Lakewood traction bars, a Whelen Traffic Advisor, an electric trailer brake controller and so much more.

I added a Jensen MP3 Player

I also aded a B&M floor shifter

I want to add some driving lights across the visor and you can see a pair of nerf bars sticking out from the bed waiting to be installed too.

Here they are waiting to go in

And some new headlights too.

I picked up this Camaro Cowl Induction scoop

looks pretty good on a truck

There is a lot of grinding to go on those patch panels then a new coat of paint will finish it.

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