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Hello, and Welcome to my Home Page!
I'm still just getting started, so this page will remain "Under Construction".
You're invited to visit, just please excuse the mess!


 This is a picture of myself and my niece (& goddaughter) Kristina Marie. The picture was taken at Christmas 1994 (she was 5 years old). She is eleven years old now and quite a handful. Kids grow up so fast these days. My niece already considers herself a "young woman". Somebody help my sister when this one finally becomes a "Teenager"!!!


A Few of my favorite things:

My Family

My Hobbies

My Job

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My Family

I am the oldest child of Bob and Mary Korn, who have since been united in Heaven. I have a sister (Maria) and a brother (Robert). All of us are married. Since my husband and I do not have any children of our own, it is my duty to "spoil" my brother's son and my sister's daughters (which I do every chance I get!). Nicholas, Kristina and Heidi are good kids anyway, so it's really a pleasure to spoil them a little. (That's what aunts are for!) My house is not completely empty of other personalities. Roy and I share the apartment with our two cats. Jarod, our long-haired white cat, came to live with us in October 1992 and Merlin, our short-haired black cat, arrived in May 1994.

Some family pictures can be found here.

My Hobbies

 There are lots of things I like to do (other than my job). I am a computer fan and I enjoy playing around on my home PC (I also have a laptop and palmtop). I will admit, however, that most of the time, I play games on my PC (especially the palmtop), but I do use it for Surfing the Web, keeping track of my checking and savings account and of course for doing my taxes!

I also like to cook and am a big fan of the Food Network. The Iron Chef is my favorite show and I really don’t like Bobby Flay. The new Naked Chef looks interesting!

I am also an avid reader, although I must admit that most of my "reading" these days is done in the car using AudioBooks. But those still counts! When ever possible I try to listen to unabridged versions.

I am also a collector.  My collecting habits are eclectic, to say the least!  I collect Beanie Babies, Crow items, Pokemon Battle Figures and miniature Shoes.

I also love watching movies. Old movies, sci-fi movies, action movies, occult movies, mystery movies, legal movies… I guess the only movies I really don’t care for are war movies (but I did make an exception for "Saving Private Ryan" (I watched it to see what all the fuss was about and found I really liked the movie!) Some of my favorite movies are:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Crow & The Crow: City of Angels
Dark City
The A&E Horatio Hornblower mini-series.
Gone With the Wind
Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton)
a bit diverse – I know!
My Job

  I currently work in the banking industry as an Information/Technical Support Analyst.  I work at an operations center in New Jersey, which is not far from my home in Brooklyn, but it costs about $12 a day in tolls!  Well, at least I'm employed. I have learned how to support a Unix file server running an Informix database.  I especially enjoy writing queries in SQL.  I also support various PC desktop applications including MS Office.  My job is exciting and challenging and never, ever boring!  I could never work behind a desk doing the same thing day after day after day.  I like being kept on my toes (although on occasion, there can be too much excitement).

Web Sites

    My Hubby
    My Nephew Nicky
    My Brother
    My Sister-In-Law
    My Niece Kristina
    My Sister & Brother-in-Law

    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Other Rocky Horror Stuff
    Food TV
    Beanie Babies
    Beanbag Collecting
    Smart Computing Magazine
    Computers & Stuff
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    Favorite Search Engine

Thanks for visiting!
It's been fun!  See you out there!!

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